Sail the seas, or do as you please in this AU-European-based roleplay.
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 Ye' Olde Tale

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PostSubject: Ye' Olde Tale   Ye' Olde Tale Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 3:42 pm


    In an alternate universe, somewhere in the Europe area, stands Europa. It's economy is in no trouble, and it's crime at an all time low, with King Duncan the 14th in power. Or, it was.

    Nowadays, Europa is home to pirates, sailors, soldiers, and the likes. Queen Eleanor is the ruler now, with her daughter missing and constant trouble. Always looking for loot, pirates stop by to raid villages and towns, killing and burning down both residents and homes. Legitimate sailors, however, are free, often ruling themselves. They dock for food, supplies, a bit of interaction with people of the towns, and they're off.

    As exciting as this may sound, it only gets better when The Siren's Soliloquy comes into the conversation. For years, mystery has been shrouded over it, with many rumors told about it; they range from "the entrance to Hell" to "a land of gold and riches". Of course, pirates and sailors alike are jumping at this opportunity. And this is our first chapter of Brine & Foam, one known only as "The Siren's Song".
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Ye' Olde Tale
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