Sail the seas, or do as you please in this AU-European-based roleplay.
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 Sebastian Alecsander Pirrellis - Remplissage's Character

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PostSubject: Sebastian Alecsander Pirrellis - Remplissage's Character   Sebastian Alecsander Pirrellis - Remplissage's Character Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 4:50 pm

Sebastian Alecsander Pirrellis - Remplissage's Character SebastianAlecsanderPirrellis
"I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed."
sebastian alecsander pirrellis | 20 | adventurer/captain

    Sebastian is an extremely strong-willed and determined individual. Everything that he does, he does to exceed someone's expectations. He hates being predictable and hates being told he can't do something; this adds to his sense of adventure and leadership. Throughout his younger years, Sebastian was constantly harassed as being unable to do this or that. Irritated and not wanting to be the butt of the joke any longer, he devoted himself to his studies, to his works, to anything that made him feel confident and talented. He wanted to prove others wrong, wanted to be respected, and wanted to be acknowledged as someone who didn't give up. He studied map-making, shipbuilding, sailing, and anything else he found useful.

    So here he is now, pleased with his progress and continuing to try and better himself. Besides his hardcore attitude to fulfill his goals, Sebastian is a pleasant person to be around. Though he's obsessed with the thought of perfection, he does hide it from people. Most of the time, anyway, since there's always a chance that he might slip up at times and reveal his almost OCD-like personality.

    But just because he wants to stand out, doesn't mean he wants to be excluded from society. He'll put on a smile and play nice when times call for it. Sebastian's friendly enough and easy to approach if he doesn't approach the other person first to say a quick hello. He's straightforward and a bit blunt which sometimes causes another person to feel offended, but that's just how he is. A lot of the times, he'll even apologize if he realizes he's crossed the line.

    Another thing, Sebastian is strongly opinionated. He'll speak out against or for something if he figures his opinion will matter. Sarcasm is another huge aspect of his personality. Sebastian loves being sarcastic. He picked it up from a weaver or someone of the sort at some point in his life and started using it nonstop. It ended up in him getting scolded from scholars and acquaintances so he toned it down after a while. But that doesn't necessarily mean he uses it rarely. Give him an opportunity and he’ll take it.

    But all in all, Sebastian is a good person with good intentions. When he's not busy figuring things out (or searching for treasure), he'll be outside looking to make new friends (or crewmates) or hang out with the ones he already has. He's thoughtful, respectful, and affectionate to those he cares about and is always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Basically, he's the guy who can easily adapt to both serious and fun situations.

    Sebastian's mother, Acacia Pirrellis, is a rather quaint and humble woman, who possesses the same fair blonde hair and brown eyes as her child. She was never, however, married to the father of her child; this makes Sebastian a bastard child, one who lacks legitimate birth-parents. He knows that Acacia is definitely his mother, however; she always looked out for the best in Sebastian, and was rather upset when he left to become a sailor. Despite this, she supports him, and is always overjoyed when he visits her in Cypress.

    His history is a short boring one. On November 3rd, Sebastian was born in a small village in Cypress, just north of the southern border. He studied hard and vigorous through his childhood, with dreams of becoming a Europan sailor. At the age of 17, he packed up, said goodbye to his mother, and left with a caravan of traders from Swinterzand. In Europa, he found a home, and practiced at sailing and tracking for a year. In the end, he bought a ship, The Weeping Wind, gathered a crew, and took off, his life of adventure beginning. At the moment, he is investigating the Siren's Soliloquy, interested in what could be laden in mystery.

    Sebastian is a highly-skilled sailor, tracker, charter, mapper, and scholar. If there's something to do with the sea, he knows. Also, he is exceptionally good at charming people. This is how he made much of his crew, with a flash of coin and a grin. With his sea-savvy abilities comes a swashbuckling ability of swordplay. He's gone one-on-one with many others, only losing a few times.

    His play-by is Bradley James.

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Sebastian Alecsander Pirrellis - Remplissage's Character
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